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Fresh and healthy food, family, friends and fun! We are there to bring people together to celebrate life's most meaningful moments . Family owned, family operated, and family friendly! Located in Liebigstrasse , we are a convenient and central location for wedding dinners, meetings, after work, lunch dates, and any festive gathering!

Mexican style cooking is not just a single style. Mexico is a large country with many different styles of cooking coming from different regions and tradition around it. At Primavera we offer a fusion of dishes from different regions and countries. We offer more authentic and unique style of Mexican cooking. Our menu features a variety of food that includes seafood dishes, soups, salads, Mexican dinners and traditional.

Primavera team is Enthusiastic, friendly and highly experienced and we aim to provide the best Customer Services. Our goal is to providing a customer a taste for Life Experience. We decided to open Mexican Fusion because we love Mexican food, but we have noticed a lack of Mexican food that uses the available ingredients optimally and caters for all kind of Local community. We provide a product that is not only fresh and tasty but totally affordable and Value for money with more variety.

Even though we tried to provide the best dining experience, we always want our customer to share their view with us in order for us to improve our quality and service. Please feel free to use our suggestion card to communicate with our team.

Many Thanks --Primavera Team